K-12 mLearning options

Edu 210 module 9 FlexLab


What is this? Audioboo is a mobile app as well as a website which allows you to create audio files that can be shared via the internet.

How can it be used?

Audioboo could be used for an assignment where the students have to create a radio/podcast of a current event happening in the world for a social studies class. In this podcast they could describe the event, explain why it is important in a global context, and how it relates to past events. Images could even accompany the podcast, so that students can better express themselves.

Comics Head

What is this?

Comics Head is an Android and iOS app which allows users to be able to create comics that can be shared via a mobile device.

How can it be used?

Comics Head could be used in high school language arts classroom to have students recreate a visual depiction of a scene from a drama or play that they have been studying in any sort of setting or theme that they would like. This app gives students an immense amount of creative potential in expressing their knowledge of a particular subject.


What is this?

StoryKit is a mobile app which allows users to be able to recreate the ending to a classic story or create their own story entirely from scratch.

How can it be used?

Storybook could be used in an assignment where students have to test their creative writing abilities in creating their own short story, or it could be used for homework assessment, wherein students would have to fill in the blanks of a chapter that they had to read for homework.

Journal Jar

What is this?

Journal Jar is a website and an iOS app where users can shake their mobile device, or click on an icon and the the user is given a topic to write a journal entry on.

How can this be used?

This app could be used in a drama class where students would use the app to give them a random topic. The students would then have 30 seconds to discuss the topic in private, and then they would have to improvise and act out the scene to the rest of the class.

Reading Bear

What is this?

Reading bear is a website and a mobile app which is primarily targeted at young children in order to help them to learn how to read.

How can it be used?

This app could be used to teach basic phonetics and grammar structure to ESL students. What is especially interesting about this app is that it has the potential to greatly accelerate the learning of ESL student who have come from areas where use of the Latin alphabet system is not common such as India or China.

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