Ancient Egypt

Jeremiah Beard

Stable Food Supply

They perdict the floods and when it floods they work on something else.The Nile river proved water for crops. The floods gave good soil for farming. They farmed onions,cucumbers,wheat for bread. The farmers were successful for growing plants where the rich black soil is at.


Ancient Egypt was divided into two regions, Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. All of Egypt was desert.The Nile flows from south to north.The river floods leaving good soil for growing plants. The Nile river is the longest river in the whole entire world. The Nile is 4,100 miles long . The Nile river is the main river. The deserts protects Egypt from invaders.

Written Language

Hieroglyphics are a type of picture that looks like somethings they see in there everyday live. Since it was so hard to write there was not a lot of people can do it. And only scribes spent many years in school.They often wrote on tablets or walls but they use these paper called papyrus. It is from a plant.

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