The Hudson bay lowlands

greatness awaits you

the land, human activities and weather

come and find great rivers that  excites yous. we have lots of recreational sports in our land. if you love hiking come and find a huge semi circle due to the glaciation from the canadaian shield. we have lots of business since our land form region contains lignite ( a form of coal) and continental glaciers using them to boost our economy. the land is filled with sedimentary rock.

meet wild life from the artic, different types of vegetation such as the tundra and the boreal and taiga forest, filled with coniferous trees such as evergreen and coniferous trees. the part of land is a tundra so plants grow quickly due to permafrost on the land so they mature quickly. harsh climate doesn't allow farming.the weather is always cold but due to the Hudson bay there is some warmer days since the water blowing in the days are warmer. there is  1000 mm-2500 mm of rain per year in the Hudson bay lowlands.


fun facts about the hudson bay lowlands

during the last ice age the hudsons bay lowlands was completely filled with ice. in our land there is a huge semi circle due to a meteor that hit the land.    

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