South Crystal

Claire, Ellie, Lawson, and Olivia

Our goal is to design a desirable modern planned community based on Greco-Roman society that is attractive to our target audience.

Our target audience is people that like to be active and like to be able to walk or bike anywhere in the community.

Most of the inspiration in our community came from the Romans, but some also came from the Greeks.

Town Square

Our community has many things to offer, a large, convenient town square is one thing at the top of the list. We have many recreational facilities such as Sky zone, Laser tag, and a football stadium.

Biltmore Park Town Square 3D Animation by juliaTriathlete 2,322 views


Our government is a monarchy because a monarchy was the government used before the Roman republic in Rome. Also, a monarchy is something different that you do not see everyday in a modern  community. Plus, the monarchy ties together the idea of including Greek and Roman influences. The government in our community will have a Duke as it's leader. All in all, we consider a monarchy a very good decision for our community.


Our community uses sidewalks/roads as transportation. The people in the community can travel using golf-carts. We will also, of course, have cars, buses, and possibly taxis.  

Housing Throughout  The Community

The housing in our community consists of apartments, town houses, and regular houses in all sizes. The apartments are located both in the city and outside the city. While the regular houses and town houses are located in the suburban area.

Educational Facilities

One educational facility included in the community is a museum.  

Another educational facility is a library.

School System

Our school system has three schools. We have a high school, middle school, and elementary school. Our elementary school goes from kindergarten to fifth grade. Our middle school is grades six through eight and our high school is freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior. As mentioned in the transportation slide, we will have a bus system.

Target Population and Target Audience

Our towns target population is somewhere around 10 to 15 people. We want our society to attract people of all ages. South Crystal is also made for people who like to do a lot of things and enjoy getting involved. The people who live in our community should like to have busy days and quiet nights.

Safety Services

We would like our community to be safe so we will have fire departments, hospitals, police stations, etc. All of these things will help make our community a better and safer place.

Medical Facilities

Our society will include your basic medical services such as an orthodontist, doctor, and dentists office.

Recreational Facilities

South Crystal is a very active community in which are many activity-based buildings. These include sports stadiums, Lazer Tag, Sky Zone, Go-karting, Mini Golf, Rock Climbing, an amusement park, and a gymnasium. Theses help members of the community can have a good time while staying active. The people of South Crystal believe that fitness is important.

Communication Facilities

With a post office our community, South Crystal, will have various ways of communication. The community will also include various computer like things for communication as well.


What is a community that doesn't have good places to eat and shop? Well, it's not a community without those things! Luckily, South Crystal offers them both, including stores such as... Kroger's, Chipotle, Target, Hardware store, Mac's pizza, smoothie king, staples, and a whole mall! Plus, many more!

Religious Facilities

South Crystal offers religious facilities for basically any religion! Christian being one of them, as a church is shown above.

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