Hispanic Etiquette

Aaliyah L. Staggers

Etiquette Table manners!

You Should seat when the instructure tells you to. The have to leave food on their plate. They should rest their wrist at the edge of the table. They should wait for their host to tell them, when to eat their food.

Foods They Eat

The different types of food are Salsa Rojo, Elvia's mexican pickled vegetables, Corn on the cob with lime, Ancho, and Queso Fresco, Goditas, pozolem and YuCantan Lemon Soup.

Different Etiquetts from Hispanic vs. American

The difference between hispanic and american is that hispanics are Catholics. American are root in the united states. Americans are either catholics, or etc. American go to church. Hispanics goes to church sometimes not all the time.


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