Paraguay is a country located in South America bordered by Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia. Paraguay is completely surrounded by land and has a population of over 6 million people. The official language of Paraguay is both spanish and Guarani. 93% of the population speak both spanish and Guarani. Their currency is Guarani. The capitol city of Paraguay is Asunción.

Up above is the Parque Nacional Cerro Corá. Established in 1990, the Parque Nacional Cerro Corá in Concepción, Paraguay is said to be one of the many treasures of Paraguay. The parks trails have beautiful waterfalls and rivers, camping grounds, and rare birds and tortoises, as well as many other amazing animals.

This is the Asunción–Encarnación, which was the first railway line in South America. One of the first trains to run the route is on display at the old Estación Ferrocarril. The station is used not only as a museum, but also often for concerts and recitals.

At the Museo del Barro, located in Asunción, Paraguay, you can find anything, from modern paintings to ancient crafts. The Museo del Barro is many peoples favorite place to go and visit when ever they have time or are in town.

If you go to Paraguay here are some expressions to help you out-

  • “Anike re pyru yaguarete ruguaire,” which translates to: don’t step on the tail of the tiger or in other words be aware and/or be careful.
  • If you need something don't forget to say please or "na"
  • Oh, and boys if your strolling for babes don't say this to her face; ella es una bagre, or she might slap you. (she is very ugly)

Tereré is a traditional beverage that has been in Paraguay for as long as anyone has been there and lived there. Many Paraguayans drink it first thing in the morning. Tereré is a mixture of yerba (herbs) and cold water that is added to it. If you have been wondering what cake is in Guarani, I have an answer. Mbejú is cake in Guarani, but it is not what you would expect cake to taste like. It is made of mandioca and cheese and is cooked in very hot frying pans. It looks like a cross between a pancake and an omelet.

Paraguay is hot for most of the year with an average of 75 degrees. There is the western region and the eastern region. The western region is more humid and rainy while the eastern region is more arid and dry. summers are long and winters short. Paraguay is surrounded completely by land and experiences both tropical and subtropical weather. There are many wooded areas and slopes, as well as rivers and lakes.

This is a video from the annual Dia de San Blas festival to honor Paraguay's patron saint. It is usually done on February 3rd. The biggest festivals are in the city of Ciudad del Este with a series of events the entire week leading up to the festival.

By Abbie Luetke

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