Handy Man

Homo Habilis

By Nariah Garcia

Physical Description

The Handy Man hominids were very unique. They had more human features than Lucy. (another hominid group discovered before Handy Man.) They were stocky and taller than Lucy. They measured around 4'0. Unlike Lucy who measured around 3'0. Handyman also were rather hairy and did not wear clothes and or shoes. One more physical feature Handyman possessed was they had more human features than Lucy.

Home Resources

The Handy Man species used sharp edges of rock to cut objects unable to be ripped with hands. They also used bones for digging sticks. I think the Handy Man hominids were named Handy Man because they made hand made tools to help them cope with everyday life. They used the stone to cut meat from dead animals. They ate marrow from inside bones. The sharp stones were used to smash bones to get the marrow. Sometimes the Handy Man even made simple traps to catch small animals to eat.

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