A mom named Sangeeta walked on the beach with her three children and their puppy, Selvakumar. Their dad had just had come back from fishing and he had heard weird noises coming from the ground. He went up to a window and shouted to his wife to run. The mom grabbed the two youngest kids and ran. Her oldest son Dinakaran could run by himself. When the mom and the youngest kids got to a hut safety, Dinakaran was not behind them. Selvakumar, their puppy grabbed Dinakaran’s t- shirt collar and dragged him to the hut to safety. In my opinion, Selvakumar was a hero.

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3 years ago

Great summary, Jordan. It might help if you explain that the noises from the ground were the beginnings of an earthquake. It's pretty important for a reader to know the type of danger the family faced. What do you think of the abilities of these dogs?!? What does it show about them that they choose to help humans even though they have not been trained to do so? What do you think people could learn from these dogs? Why should the author share these stories? See if you can add more of your opinion to your entries.