Yalinde Cartalla Career Report

The career I have chosen to do my career report is Animantion. This career for me is very intresting. I'm thinking of going to colloege for this.

Discription, Duties

Animation! Create special effects and Animation. create 3D and 2D imagies. Make objects or character life like by munipulating light, color and texture, using computer animation and modeling programs.

Education and\or Trainning

In this career work-related expirence is need, on the jod trainning and\or vocational trainning. Most of these occupation's require a four year bachelor's degree, some not all.

Skills and Personaility

In this career skills like Active listening, Critcal thinking, Speaking and Monitoring, This career pearonaility wise would need someone artistic and Investigative. working with ideas and with extensive thinking also working with forums and Desings and patterns.

Salary and Wages

In  Animation the wages hourly is $29.50 hourly, annualy it is $61,000. The growth for this career is slower than average but expected to speed up by 2022.

Advantages or benefits

Animation is a very easy going career. You can go at your own pace, at times It requires group work. working with ideas and your own expresstion. you can pick your own clients if you become a freelance artisit.


This career is a very slow growning career. There will be alot of compitition for this career. In this career throught 2012-2022 there will alot of computer and software upgrades so alot of the trainning will go towards that.


Apart form being a slow growing career , most of the trainning need would be in the computer art department. there is more demand for more realsitic video games, movies and televistion show, Also an increased demand for computer graphics for mobile devices, such as smart phones, could lead to more job openings.


An advancement would be like a senior Aminator/or someone that over see a whole Animation Project. Technical Animator, There's also Freelancing Animators. They can at first work with a componay while buliding the clientel. so then they can set their own projects with their own clients.

High school classes

Perfered class to take in high school would be any art classes, like Grahpic art or drawing, computer science is a must because you would be working with computer and a buinesses class

Related careers

Art Directors, Craft and Fine Artist, Graphic designers, Web Develpers

Colloeges with programes for this career

UCS (University of Southern California)- The animation program consest of character animation, experimental animation, visual effects, 3D computer animation, science visualization and interactive animation.

Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, Florida-In this program students will develop skills in modeling, lighting, motion and sound,while learning how to tell a story.

Minneapolis Media Institute- This program includes hands-on experience gainned by using (Mocpa) Motion Capture. Create characters by recording human actors and using the information to create digital characters.


This career fits all my aptitudes. It fits my personality,  It looks like a career i would enjoy doing for a longtime. I think I picked this career not only because It fit all my assesments but because It would be a job to me. I did my research on this career because it was something I've been looking at going to college for.

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