Museum- Allan houser sculpture garden

   Artist- John Harwood,

   Date- May 16, 2007

   Repusentational- you can see that is realistic.



Place-Public park in Shanghai

Artist- Christina Ruiz

When-September 2012

Repusentational-you can tell that is realistic because it is a sculpture.

Title- Guernica


Artist-Pablo Picasso

Place-Museo Rein Sofia in Midrid

Type-Abstract because you can recognize what it is, but it's not realistic.

Title-Three musicians


Artist-Pablo Picasso

Place-New York museum of modern art

Type-Abstract because you tell what it is,but it's not realistic.


Artist-Wasilly Kamdinsky


Place-muse national art modeme Paris France

Type-non objective because I do not recognize it.

Title-homage to the square

Artist-Josef Albers


Place-Metropolitan museum of art New York

Type- non objective because I do not recognize it.

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