Email Etiquette

by: Abby Hornady

When writing an email there are certain things you should and should not do:

*You shouldn't ignore emails you get and don't send late replies,

*Use proper etiquette to make emails look professional,

*Answer all the questions asked in emails you get, only appropriate information,

*Don't write emails in ALL CAPS, it's hard to read and looks like you're yelling,

*Use proper spelling, grammar, capitalization and punctuation,

*Don't talk like you text in emails, no LOL's and OMG's,

*Proofread your emails before you send them, make sure it's appropriate,

*Use appropriate signatures, not some wacky one like iheartfluffyunicorns123,

*Include a greeting in your email,

*Keep it short and to the point, nobody wants to read a 10 page email.

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