Creating a caring classroom!!

This helps you grow a connection with your students and it helps the students learn something about their classmates.

Positive relationship.

You should always want a positive relationship with your students get to  know them see what they like to do what helps them learn easier. I'm not saying you have to be their personal therapist but let them know school can be a positive place. Teachers control students destiny up to six and a half hours each day, five days a week. When students feel that you value and care for them as individuals, they are more willing to go with your wishes. Zehm and Kottler (1993), said students will never trust us or open themselves up to hear what we have to say unless they sense that we value and respect them.


Teachers you should already know you must give respect to get respect. "What can we do to get our students to be more respectful?" Many teachers will complain that students talk back, misbehave, and act out with little regard for teacher or classmates. My first thought  to that question is, "What have you done to earn their respect?"

Student Involvement

Teachers should projects where they get to be creative use their own do it how they see they way that make sense to them. Students work could also help teachers and their classmates find out something new that they didn't know. Let them present their projects so they can put effort in it students like to know that their teachers care about what they know and how they see it.

- Studies show that student involvement in school reaps a number of benefits. Involved students build stronger support networks, are more likely to graduate (and on time), develop a strong and diverse skill set, and are more marketable to employers when they graduate! Decide what level of involvement works best for you and take advantage of the many resources available to you through Student Involvement.


You should start off letting your students sit in groups no students want to feel alone. Give a worksheet of project that involves the group working together so everybody got a change to hear eachothers idea and get to know more about their classmates develope friendship.

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