Dance Project!

You are going to the 7th grade dance and you want to know how much money you are going to need to borrow from your parents. You have figured out that the outfit you want to wear is going to cost $56.55, but it is also currently on sale for 30% off at the Mall and the sales tax is 6% in Missouri. You will also need to pay for a ticket to the dance. If you buy the ticket in advance it will cost $10.00, but if you buy the ticket at the door of the dance it will cost $15.00. The last thing you will need money for is dinner. You are figuring that you will need $18.00 for the meal at dinner and then you will need to add 6% sales tax and a 20% tip to your meal price.

Question 1: How much money do you need to attend the dance?

We figured out that the over all price for the outfit after you subtract 30% and add 6% tax to it, it is $41.97. The meal will cost $22.90 after you add 6% tax and a 20% tip. We also decided to buy the ticket in advance so that is $10. The total of all this is $74.87.

Question 2: If your parents gave you $75 will that be enough, why or why not?

If my parents gave me $75 dollars, it would be enough because I need to pay $74.87, a very close call. If I bought the ticket at the doors, then it would have not been enough.

Question 3:What is the percent of change in the price of the tickets from buying them at the door and buying them in advance?

The difference in the tickets is 50%, so you defiantly should choose to buy the tickets in advanced.

Question 4:You have to pay your parents the 75 dollars plus a 5% interest, how much do you pay?

You have to pay $78.75 back to your parents because $75 plus a 5% interest ($3.75) is $78.75.

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