Friendly Father's Day Competition

Your Guide To Wiffle Ball

Whether you're 8 or 48, wiffle ball is a great way to have some backyard fun.  But don't take it too lightly....this game is serious stuff. Here are some guidelines (and tips for kicking butt) this Father's Day courtesy of Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal:

  • The perfect Wiffle ball field needs a wall, a fence, a tree, or a sunburned uncle lying prone in the outfield—just something—to smack the ball over for a home run.
  • Use a Wiffle ball, original brand. Don't be the guy who saves two bucks with the discount "plastic outdoor baseball orb with "Reel-Kurve-Action"—then watches it shatter into 11 pieces on a routine fly out.
  • Anyone can play in your Wiffle ball game. Mom can play. Dad can play. All the kids can play. Skittles the Labradoodle can play. Okay, Skittles give back the Wiffle ball. Skittles! Mom call Skittles.
  • Grandma can be second base and Grandpa can be third. Hold still, guys!
  • There's no such thing as a "walk" or a "balk" or a "Hit By Pitch" in Wiffle ball. Unless you hit Mom. Then she gets first base, and you need to make her a rum and coke.
  • The game is over when you hear a window smash. Now everybody run.