Benjamin Franklin
Andrew B
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     Benjamin Franklin was important political leader and scientist during Colonial America.Ben was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston Massachusetts. He was one of the seven founding fathers that signed the Declaration of Independence along with John Adams, Alexander Hamilton,John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison,and George Washington. He also went to London to protest the stamp act before the Revolutionary war started.In Pennsylvania he organized the Pennsylvania Militia.Ben was also the first United States Postmaster General.He was also elected to the Pennsylvania assembly and then became the justice of the peace for Philadelphia.  He was a important scientist he invented the Lightning Rod and Bifocal Glasses, and the Franklin Stove. Franklin also discovered that electricity was in lightning by flying a kite in a storm. Benjamin also created the University of Pennsylvania,idea of a subscription library, the American Philosophical Society, the Pennsylvania Gazette, and the Poor Richard's Almanac. That's how Benjamin Franklin affected colonial America.

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