My Intro to Myths!!!

By Matthew Nguyen

What is a myth?

A myth is a traditional story created in ancient times. Myths often explain natural events like lightning storms or tornadoes. Some myths also have lessons of how to behave or to be treated. Others are just purely for entertainment. Many popular myths are from greek mythology.

Who is Dionysus?

Dionysus -or Bacchus- was the god of wine and grape-harvesting. He was the son of Zeus and a mortal named Semele. His mom, Semele died from Zeus's lightning bolt before she gave birth to Dionysus so Zeus developed Dionysus in his thigh and gave birth to the baby a second time. He was raised by nymphs after Zeus had sent Dionysus there. Dionysus was the youngest of the gods. He was not the wisest and was very hot-headed. Dionysus could create drinks in mid-air and harvest perfect grapes. He was normally seen bearded, wearing just a robe, and with a grapevine around his head, worn like a crown. He had brown hair and was very popular for hosting parties. Dionysus also represents the outstanding features of other religions. He was a shapeshifter. His favorite form was being a handsome, young man wearing beautiful, expensive jewels.

What Are Harpies?

Harpies are birdlike creatures who have stolen whatever the had.They have an ugly human face. They live on stealing. Harpies were sent to the world by Zeus after King Phineus revealed to much about the oracle and Theseus. Zeus punished him by blinding King Phineus and letting the harpies steal food out of his hands before he could get to it. They stole all of the kings goods but were driven off by the wind spirits, Caillas and Zetes. Harpies were once described as beautiful winged maidens. Now they are old lady monsters that are known for robbing. They were the personification of the storm winds.

What is the myth, "King Midas and his Golden Touch"?

Once upon a time, Dionysus and his friendly satyr, Silenus found themselves passing the city of Phrygia. Silenus was tired and wanted to rest so the duo walked into the city. The king of Phrygia, King Midas, recognized Dionysus for his outstanding jewels he wore on his clothes and robe. The king gladly invited Dionysus to stay the night at his castle and Dionysus and Silenus gladly excepted. For King Midas's generosity, Dionysus granted the king one wish. The king thought carefully. His favorite thing ever in the world was money, gold. He wished that anything he touched would become gold. Dionysus warned King Midas of what this could do but the king was sure of his wish. The next morning, Dionysus and Silenus set off. King Midas was super excited of his gift! He decided to touch his coffee table. To his delight, it turned gold! The king ran around his house, touching random things until he was really tired. He went to go grab a grape, but when he touched, it turned to solid gold! His daughter than came in the room, and King Midas was delighted to see her. He went to give her a hug, but when he touched her, she turned to gold. King Midas was scared and sad. He begged to Dionysus to free him of this curse and undo everything he had done. Dionysus told him to wash his hands of gold in the Pactolus river, so that is what he did. As soon as his hand's touched the water, golden water streamed out from his hands and onto the banks of the river. King Midas came back to his palace and it turned back to normal! His daughter was moving again! From that day on, he stopped being so greedy for money and he died a prosperous king, who his people mourned and loved.

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