The route you will need to go to Mesopotamia  is it is in between the  Tigris and Euphrates river and Sumer is south from Mesopotamia.


Irrigation system.

Irrigation is the artificial application of water to the land or soil. It is used to assist in the growing of agriculture crops, maintenance of landscapes, and re vegetation of disturbed soils in dry areas and during periods of inadequate rainfall. Additionally, irrigation also has a few other uses in crop production, which include protecting plants against frost

Stable Food Supply

One of Ancient Mesopotamia's ways of becoming a civilization revolved alot around its abundance of food. Many crops were grown in the area. Among its most common was a crop called flax, or flaxseed. Crops played a very important role in Mesopotamia's agriculture. Ancients also used the two rivers that surrounded them- the Tigris and the Euphrates river.


People living in southern Mesopotamia developed one of the earliest writing systems in the world. The system was developed so that information could be recorded..This writing system began with pictures or signs drawn on clay tablets. The signs changed over many years, and this is the story of what happened to just one of the signs.

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