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Kush shows that they are better that Egypt!!
By:Rebeca Demeterco 6A

Kush: 10.2 (1600-1100 B.C.E)

In this time period of Kush 's Kingdom, one of his major achievements were that because of Kush's location and their natural resources it helped make kush and important trading hub, or center. Another great achievement from that time period of Kush was that they had lots of rich gold mines so they had lots of gold and trade it for things that it was difficult to find in their region.

Kush: 10.3 (730-650 B.C. E.)

After their big discover of their gold mines they achieved new things such as that when Egypt became weak the Kushites took advantage of that, by attacking them. After they attacked Egypt and conquered Egypt Piye the king of Kush declared him a Pharaoh or also known as the ''Black Pharaoh.''

Kush: 10.4 (590-410 B.C.E.)

After Piye declared him a Pharaoh, they did not want to destroy Egypt's cities but they used one of the city's to become their new capital. The new capital of Kush was Meroë. They also discovered that they had the right material to create iron so they were highly known for producing and creating iron. With the iron they created lots of weapons that help them come to power.

Kush: 10.5 (300’s B.C.C-350 C.E)

With all of the iron that they found they did not make only weapons they also created a variety of art such as beautiful pottery, cloth and gold and silver jewelry. They also received the African practice of female leadership, when Amanirenas was the main leader when fighting with the Romans. She became an important queen of Kush.

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