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"I just want to feel that I'm still young...
living happily with the ones I love the most...
and thank God for giving them to me..."

about CHRSTN:

Full Name : Christine Nicole Solivet
Birthday : September 13, 1996
Zodiac Sign : Virgo
Religion : Catholic
Favorite Color : Blue and White
Favorite Food : I love Burger the most :)
Food I Hate : Bean sprouts
Favorite Artists : SISTAR, Demi Lovato, Sam Tsui
Favorite Authors : HYSTG, Yam-Yam, Alesana_Marie, John Green, P.C. Cast&Kristin Cast, ShirlengTearJerky, GirlinLove etc.
Favorite Book : The Fault in our Stars, House of Night Series, Twilight Series, Diary ng Panget, 3W8L, etc.
Hobbies : Reading books, Collecting Book In series, Sketching, Playing Volleyball, Blogging

Greatest Achievements: Salutatorian in High School, Became Student Council President, 2012 Writer of the Year (High School), Set designer of 24/7 Production.

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3 years ago

welcome to my blog :)