Chinese Dynasties
Sui, Song, and Tang

Sui Dynasty: 581-618 CE

Two major emperors of the dynasty were Sui Wendi (Yang Jian) and Sui Yangdi. Wendi worked to build a centralized government. He restored order, created a new legal code, and reformed bureaucracy. The greatest accomplishment was The Grand Canal, this waterway linked northern and southern China.

Song Dynasty: 960-1279

To manage their empire, they enlarged the government bureaucracy. In addition, reformed the civil service examination system, which helped insure talented people helped run the government. One of the Song's greatest achievements was gunpowder. They used it mainly for fireworks and signals rather than for weapons.

Tang Dynasty: 618-907 CE

Two major leaders of this dynasty would include Taizong and Wo Zhao. China was experiencing a period of prosperity and cultural achievement. Chinese influence spread, and Tang government served as models across East Asia. They built on Sui foundations to commit to a strong government. The government was centralized and base on bureaucracy of officials.

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