Midway High School
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September/October/November 2014

FALL BACK 15 Contest

October 13th - November 21st

Click Here to Download the Form

  • The contest will cost $10 for each individual ($30 per team)
  • The contest will begin on October 13th and will end on November 21st
  • The contest will be made up of teams of 3 (you pick your team)
  • Click the above link for info on how to keep up with your points each week
  • Daily calorie allotment can be done on many apps (find one you like)
  • November 21st awards: All money from entry fees will be divided up between the team with the most points (3 individuals), the individual with the highest percentage of weight loss (1), and the individual with the most points (1). This means the total entry fee will be divided by 5.

*Please email Lisa Nixon your team name and the individuals on your team by Thursday October 9th by 3pm.  

MISD Health & Wellness

"Don't Wish for It, Choose It"

Ways Points Can Be Earned

B - Donate blood - 5 points
C – Full participation & completion in campus initiative – 10 points
D – Full participation & completion in a district-wide event – 10 points
E – Exercise - 1 point for each 30 minute increments
H2O – Water intake –at least 8 glasses with no sugary drinks - 1 point for each week
O – Outstanding eating for the day – only fruits, veggies, lean protein, whole grains, no sugary drinks/snacks –1 point for each day
P - Prevention and awareness – 3 points for any health screening or preventative appointments
R – Race for charity event – 5K – 3 points; 10K – 5 points; Half marathon or Tri – 10 points; Marathon – 25 points
S – Smoking cessation- successful completion of program -25 points
W – Weight-loss or management program - completion of program with fidelity & accountability – 25 points
Zzz – 6-8 hours of sleep at night – 1 point for each week

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