Shaher Handous

Global Connections in Business and Health

About Shaher Handous

Throughout his career, Shaher Handous has translated a knowledge of global business practices into new and innovative partnerships in a variety of industries. His most recent venture in medicine stands out in particular. Shaher Handous founded a new initiative to improve diabetes care worldwide, in partnership with research scientist Dr. Jonathan Lakey, the co-developer of the “Edmonton Protocol” for the treatment of insulin-dependent Type 1 diabetes. Mr. Handous has created a consulting group and professional education service dedicated to teaching physicians across the globe the protocols involved in transplanting insulin-producing islet cells into diabetics. As a result of his efforts, several Middle Eastern countries have established professional training programs for doing so.

Shaher Handous has also developed an international reputation for facilitating effective trade. He founded a commodities-trading network that has created and strengthened cross-border relationships in buying and selling cement, grain, and sugar. He also set up a Canadian trading company that contractually supplies aviation-maintenance services in the Middle East and North Africa. Currently the CEO of this organization, Mr. Handous has developed a diverse clientele among the air travel industries of Canada and the United States operating in that region.

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