Shahram Salimitari - Practice and Outside Interests

Fellowship-trained laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon Shahram Salimitari, MD, has been treating patients at Lap-Band VIP in Southern California for the past five years. Shahram Salimitari focuses on using a multidisciplinary approach to weight loss surgery, specifically laparoscopic gastric band placement. Laparoscopic gastric band placement is a safe and effective weight loss procedure that involves banding the upper portion of the stomach to slow the passage of food and give the patient a feeling of being full with considerably less food.

In addition to his career, Shahram Salimitari remains active by biking on the beaches of Santa Monica, taking spin classes, and hiking with his dogs, a rare breed of German Shepherd and a mixed breed Chihuahua. Additionally, Shahram Salimitari enjoys traveling, taking short trips to Santa Barbara, Newport Beach, and Las Vegas, as well as international trips to Paris, London, Istanbul, and Mexico City. He hopes to visit Egypt, Israel, and the Great Wall of China in the future.

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Reasons to Go to Spin Class

Based in Los Angeles, Dr. Shahram Salimitari is a bariatric and weight loss surgeon who treats patients at his private practice. Dr. Shahram Salimitari stays active in his free time by biking on Santa Monica beach and participating in spin classes.

Most fitness enthusiasts have heard of spin class but many may still be hesitant to try. Here are some great reasons to give in to the exercise fad and take a class:

1. Low impact: Spinning is very low impact, making it ideal for those with bad knees or weak joints who want to burn calories without any of the side effects of more intense activities like running. The muscles and cardiovascular system still receive a thorough work out.

2. Group motivation: One of the advantages of working out in a group is the extra motivation individuals get by working out next to other people.

3. All levels accepted: Though it’s a group class, each spinner is ultimately in charge of his or her own bike. Newcomers can set their bikes to a lower intensity, and experienced spinners can choose to workout at a higher level.