Shahzad Pirzada Is The Proud Owner Of Genadyne Technologies INC.

Shahzad Pirzada is a highly professional individual who is the founder and President of Genadyne Technologies Inc. He has been serving the the pharmaceutical industry for more than 1 decade and 4 years years and the products offered by Genadyne Biotechnologies include therapeutic support systems, Wound therapy systems, and non power therapeutic support systems. Their MNS 500 Alternating Pressure Relief System offers highly effective treatment for pressure ulcers. This product firmly and smoothly massages the epidermis while continually changing contact points with the skin's surface. This portable low air loss therapy system offers the therapeutic advantages of pressure relief and skin moisture management. As the mattresses are constructed with eight inches of cell flotation, they have a lower safety mattress for patient transfer of power failure. This waterproof, vapor permeable therapy pad also offers a low friction surface.

This company is a US based developer and manufacturer of negative pressure wound therapy systems, powered and non-powered pressure relieving therapeutic surfaces, wireless telemedicine systems, and wireless and wired weight-scale systems. This international company focuses on promote wound healing, decrease wound recurrence and keep the independence, dignity, comfort, and pain control of the wound care patients through their products and their education.

Shahzad Pirzada has 11 patents and multiple-pending on air flotation surfaces, non-powered air surfaces, blood circulation devices and wireless weight scale systems. He provides the market an array of respiratory products that include BIPAP technologies, primarily CPA,P and portable oxygen delivering systems. Genadyne Biotechnologies Inc. has the solution for a long-term and home-based pressure ulcer care. Their MNS 400 Alternating Pressure Relief System features a full array of patient-specific controls. The air cell mattress lowers the pressure of the patient's body against the mattress and then redistributes pressure below the point at which capillaries close and wounds form. This process prevents pressure ulcers from developing and also helps heal Stage I through Stage IV ulcers developed from standard medical mattress use. Every patient find this relief system easy to use and operate. To know more about him, please visit

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