Expecting Mothers
Don't Drink Shakeology!

You're pregnant, CONGRATULATIONS! You have this precious life in your hands...well, in your womb. It is up to you to provide your soon to be bundle of joy with all of the proper nutrients. So why would you want to take the risk of drinking Shakeology while you are pregnant? I mean, it's incredibly healthy for adults, so naturally, it must be poisonous for a fetus, right? Never mind that it boosts immunity, helping the body fight disease. Forget that it detoxifies the body. Who cares that it has enzymes that help the body break down foods and increases absorption of nutrients? What? It provides proteins and amino acids that improve mood and reduce cravings, and ingredients that help protect the body from stress? Forget that, pregnancy isn't stressful at all, and it's your hall pass to eat whatever unhealthy cravings you have!

Check out these answers on Circleofmoms.com when asked "WHAT WAS YOUR MOST COMMON FOOD CRAVING, OR MOST UNUSUAL CRAVING?"

Jessica says:Milkshakes. Everyday. and vegatables. But not together!! lol

Jeanne says:Cereal... kids cereal like Reese's peanut butter puffs, Fruit Loops, and Rice Krispie Treats Cereal

Tanya says:Instant Cream of Tomato Soup with warm bread, lots of butter at 3am

Jennifer says:Pizza,dr pepper, bananna popsicles

Jennifer says:none really but I did eat alot of snickers

Lyndsey says:With the first pregnancy it was TACO BELL, lol. With the second i don't really remember many cravings, at least until the end when i was diagnosed with Gestatonal diabetes and couldn't have sweets, Then that was all i craved, lol.

Lisa says:I basically just craved unhealthy stuff; ie Mcdonalds (which I lived on in the beggining),Pepsi. Most unusual...M&M's on pizza (which didn't end up tasting as good as I thought it would)

Tracy says:Soft-serve vanilla ice cream, bean burritos w/out onions from Taco Bell, chocolate truffles

Cassie says:lola=taco bell willow=tuna

Why would you want to miss out on the opportunity to have an excuse to eat crap like fast food, ice cream, sugary cereal, candy bars, or drink soda and milkshakes? Oh yes, I forgot, because you are supposed to be providing nutrients for your unborn baby! It all makes sense now. Sarcasm aside, I am amazed how many expecting mothers are afraid to drink Shakeology, which has over 70 healthy ingredients, but have no problem giving into the cravings and inhaling unhealthy foods and drinks. What is the fear of drinking Shakeology while pregnant, that the baby will be too healthy? I only ask that expecting mothers use common sense, and if you are going to refuse to drink something healthy, also refuse to eat those unhealthy foods you crave!

Instead of just swearing Shakeology off, let's ask the sensible question, and look for sensible answers:

Is Shakeology safe to drink during pregnancy?

Because everyone is different, the answer is not a clear cut yes or a clear cut no. First and foremost, check with your doctor. Many women are given the all clear by their doctor to drink Shakeology while pregnant. In this case, they are usually told to replace their prenatal vitamins with Shakeology and to take folic acid. There are also women who are told by their doctor not to drink Shakeology.  Some reasons include:

1. Individual medical history and current medications that may be incompatible with Shakeology.

2. Shakeology is not approved by the FDA  -

3. Shakeology includes Ashwaganda and Ginko - Though Ashwaganda has been used for years by traditional herbalists with no side effects to help prevent miscarriage, in large amounts it can have the opposite effect. Though scientific evidence is weak, Ginko could cause early labor and prolonged bleeding during delivery if taken near that time.

4. Shakeology includes high amounts of Vitamin A -

Why Shakeology is not FDA Approved
Beachbody's Official Answer

*Hi, my name is Tammy and I'm a Chocolate Vegan Shakeology addict (okay, I just really, really, really love it). I am admittedly not a mom, and am a proud Beachbody Coach. I do not drink or promote Shakeology because I sell, it. I share it with as many people as possible because I researched it, tried it, loved it, and believe in it. I am a school teacher, and despite the daily germs, I have not had a cold since I started drinking it in . My digestive system functions much better. I have reduced cravings and stay full longer, which helps me to maintain my weight. I have increased energy levels which is great for a 44 year old woman teaching middle school Physical Education, and still needing to have the energy to workout daily.

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2 years ago

Vegan Shakeology does not have the added fortified vitamins and would be the safer of the two options.

2 years ago

this is funny because the doctor will probably tell you not to drink Shakeology during pregnancy. Hopefully women are smart enough to ask Thier doctor before

9 months ago

Right?!? Should I drink my Dhakeology...she ponders with a Diet Coke in her hand!! They will tell you to cut back on the coke, reduce caffeine etc., but we are worried about this? The FDA approved aspartame! I will talk to my doctor, and if he objects, he will have to give me a better reason than the FDA doesn't approve...