New Partnership Gives Teachers a Way to Create + Share Lessons

Don't let this be you. Use digital lessons and easily share.

Planning and sharing lessons for the classroom should be easy. But with endless tools and creative limitations (hey, we're not all design whizzes), what is the simplest way to create really great lessons and share them with the edusphere?

Share My Lesson and Tackk have teamed up to
make planning and sharing lessons easy.

What does this mean for educators?

You now have a SML lesson template that you can use to structure lessons. Easily create a beautiful page with lesson details, photos, reference links, video and more. Customize colors, fonts and your URL to make your lesson unique.

Then, grab your customized URL (4th tab in the editor) and paste it into your Share My Lesson profile. Assign it to the related subjects and grade levels and add other helpful supporting PDFs and docs.

Lastly, share your Tackk lessons and Share My Lesson profiles with your network!