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Thinglink + Tackk

Goal: Share our passions by creating a Thinglink, an interactive image, and then sharing our interactive images via this Tackk page.

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Big Picture: a platform for anyone to combine images, links, and videos in a meaningful way to explain ideas, share a story, present a concept and more. The finished product is a clickable image which viewers can interact with at their own pace. It can be made public or private, and is easily shared with others.

Nuts and Bolts: go to website → create an account → select a background image → gather media → place them on top of your background image → include captions → save and share!

Check out an example below:

Great for Students Because...

S  A  M  R
A Framework for Technology Integration

Ready? Let's make a Thinglink.

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Post your Thinglinks, by pasting the link in the Comment Stream below. This will enable us to learn from one another and provide verbal feedback.

After you've successfully posted please periodically refresh your browser so you can view other folks' Thinglinks.

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