Shark Fins Co.

founded by the greediest person alive (Akshith)

We all love Shark Fins..

Shark fins are a huge delicacy in the East and we all love it. No one has ever tasted something as amazing and tasty. I mean, we are only killing poor sharks that no one likes anyways. Shark fin soup is super tasty and pretty expensive. So why do I do this? I do it because like I said, shark fins are very valuable and I can make a huge profit both legally and illegally. Yes, shark finning is illegal in many places but my company does it anyways because I have that kind of power and reach. Whether illegally or legally, I provide you with what you want. I know how much you love shark fin soup and how much you are willing to pay for some. I know what I've gotten into and I can't get out because the money is worth it. Plus, every teenager knows the saying, "It isn't fun if it is legal." Listen to the teenagers and drink some delicious fin soup. My company provides our product in private restaurants and will even throw in a free shark tooth necklace with a purchase of my infamous soup. I know you want it!

I understand that there are drawbacks. One large one is the fact that shark finning is actually illegal in many places so right there is a red flag. But to go further into the harms, let's look at why it is illegal… This shark finning industry is abusive and kills many sharks every year. Often times sharks are caught, their fins are brutally cut off while the sharks are still alive and then the sharks are left to die. It is unethical as it gets. Humans fear sharks but people like me give sharks a reason to be afraid of humans. Millions of sharks are killed and many species have even fallen endangered. There is no remorse in the eyes of people like me, and we fish and fin illegally strictly for the market who still demands it.

There are ways to stop me though. Stronger laws and regulations and most importantly execution of these laws can greatly deter my business. Governments have problems enforcing these laws and people like me slip by easily though. The true problem lies within the people who demand the shark fins. Its simple economics, if the demand somehow fell, the supply would eventually fall as well. Until the market for illegal shark fins is gone, businesses like mine will thrive.

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