Sharon Duyzend

Member of Women's University Club in Seattle

About Sharon Duyzend

As an undergraduate at Iowa Satate University, Sharon Duyzend studied microbiology, with a minor in chemistry. Shortly after receiving her bachelor of science in 1974, she accepted a position at Chicago’s Roosevelt Hospital, where she worked for two years. Sharon Duyzend then joined Northwest Medical Center, where she was able to continue to study medically relevant microflora.

Currently a retiree, Sharon Duyzend maintains a variety of pastimes. She enjoys the arts, literature, and cooking. She also engages in snowshoeing and hiking, both of which allow her to take in the beauty of the outdoors in all seasons. As a proponent of organic cooking, she regularly prepares meals with the herbs she cultivates in her own garden. As a member of the Women’s University Club in Seattle, she contributes to a variety of philanthropic and educational outreach programs. Sharon Duyzend enjoys attending the ballet, and she is an avid reader who lists The Ladies of the Club among her favorite books.

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