Shawn Bartholomae Successful Businessman Focuses His Attention on Philanthropy Work

Shawn Bartholomae is the founder of Silver Tusk Oil, LLC an oil and gas investment company in Houston, Texas. He has been in the oil and gas industry for almost thirty years and has founded and headed several businesses. As a successful entrepreneur, Shawn Bartholomae has always been working with various charitable and worthy causes in the area. Bartholomae recently announced his decision to take his philanthropy work to the next level and help out financing and supporting various community-related programs in the area.

Shawn Bartholomae is a committed Christian and is actively involved in his church. He has taken his faith in God and has used it to help people in need. Growing up in a Christian home, he was exposed to various community-related programs and aid work his parents undertook which gave him the desire to help people in need. As the founder of two companies, Bartholomae has regularly contributed to worthy causes in the city and other places. His decision to help out with various charitable work within the city comes after his unprecedented success in his business. The church he attends has been actively involved in helping the poor in the neighborhood and Bartholomae’s recent decision to help out more in terms of financial aid has given the church the resources to help more people in the community.

Shawn Bartholomae also has an interest in environmental issues and politics and regularly takes part in community-related programs to keep the environment clean. Though being a busy man, Bartholomae makes time to help out in the community whenever possible. He has also encouraged the staff at his two companies to get involved in philanthropy work in their communities. He believes that helping the poor and needy is one way people can give back to the community.

Shawn Bartholomae is a committed family man and enjoys spending time with his family. He also enjoys going on family road trips during the summer.

About: Shawn Bartholomae, successful businessman and the founder of two oil investment companies focuses his attention on helping the poor and needy in the community.

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