Shawn Boday

Partner At Perday LLC

About Shawn Boday

A successful entrepreneur and business owner, Shawn Boday has interests in multiple commercial ventures. Since 2006, Shawn Boday has served as a Partner with Perday LLC, a Seattle, Washington-based real estate firm, where he focuses the bulk of his efforts on identifying and researching new investment opportunities. With more than six years of experience in the real estate industry, he now concentrates primarily on commercial and multiresidential properties. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Washington.

In addition to his work with Perday, Shawn Boday presides as Manager and co-owner of the Accretive Technology Group (ATG). He founded ATG in 1998. Operating from Seattle, Washington, Accretive offers an array of cutting-edge Internet solutions, including high-end website development services. A leader in facilitating high-definition, live, video web streams and world-class, fraud-minimization technology for the Internet, ATG also offers secure private hosting and exceptionally redundant bandwidth, with numerous point-of-presence (POP) locations across the U.S.

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