Office 365 Exploration

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Group 1-Let Me Explore

Just want to explore the environment, take a look around and feel more comfortable posting, choose group 1.

I will add you to the sample site we looked at today.


  • Can  you find a math link?
  • Can you find the class calendar?
  • Can you like a comment in the newsfeed?
  • Can you add a youtube clip to the newsfeed?
  • Can you add a picture to the newsfeed?

Group 2-Let Me Dive In

Want to get your class set up, change the look, create an announcement or newsfeed post, choose this group.


  • Can you create your site? (+ ADD NEW SITE-be patient)
  • Can you add a new announcement?
  • Can you add a new link?
  • Can you upload a document to course resources?
  • Can you add a new calendar event?

Group 3-Let Me Explore Further

You have the basics down pat but want to explore some of the other tools like discussions, wikis or blogs. A great opportunity to share what is working for you or trouble shoot challenges.


  • Can you create a discussion thread?
  • Can you link a document from your personal one drive?
  • Can you create a collaborative document?
  • Can you add an external link to your toolbar?
  • Can you create a blog or wiki post?

Remember the Student Portal brings many tools

  • Learn 360 Videos
  • Library eResources
  • One Drive
  • My Files
  • D2L eportfolio