7th Grade
with Shawn Hamilt0n

7th grade wasn't any harder than any other grade, and if anything, was even more fun. Although their are a few things to keep in mind to make the year more enjoyable.


1. Don't take your entire locker to very class. Stop by your locker as much as you can. A suggestion would be to take 1 or 2 books and binders to each class so you can easily find everything because there's not as much binders to look through.

2. Stay organized. Don't let papers spill out of your binder and trash your lockers because you're just going to have to clean it up later. Those paper that you spilled in your locker and got crushed by all your other books and binders might be useful in the future.

3. Don't procrastinate. I procrastinate. Don't procrastinate.

Top 10 Favorite things of 7th Grade

10. Lunch

I met new people and new friends at lunch. Lunch was a great time to socialize without being in a class. The food, well, it's food. The milk though is very unreliable. One lunch, I got milk, and when I opened it, it smelled kind of bad. So I took a sip of this milk, and it tasted like purell, vomit, and milk mixed together. Everybody smelled the milk and we all agreed something was wrong with it. The milk was named SATAN'S MILK. Lunch in total, was good.

9. IRP Projects

Over the year, we had four IRP Projects in ELA, photography, back book cover,  book trailer, and partner project. My favorite was the back book cover because people like me who are busy don't have to take too much time away from our busy schedules. My least favorite was the photography project because I'm not artsy with a camera. IRP Projects were great.

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2 years ago

Great start, Shawn! Maybe try to add some media -- videos, pictures, audio.