24 and there's so much more...

I'm turning 24. Let's hang out! Say, January 12th or so?


Come on over our house around 7 or something. We'll eat snacks from our childhood and pregame. BYOD. The D is for Dranks. The BYO is for bring your own.  There's a treasure map at the bottom of this Tackk of where we hide our booty. And also where we live.

Move forward one space.

Then I'm gonna be really hungry for boneless chicken wings and white pizza. So we'll go to see the lizard.

He's a pretty cool guy. He feeds me chicken wangs and 'za and winks at all my cute friends. Don't worry about it. Oh and he plays basketball? Damnit! Who typed a question mark on the Tackk? For the last time, anything you put on that Tackk, people will mentally read. Anyway, he lives at 14018 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH. Click the button below for the Google Maps.

Wear your long johns. We're walking. Don't whine it's only like 483 meters away. That's .3 miles... it'll take us 5 minutes. I predict it will be cold because I'm a gypsy. And because it's effing January. I hate January.

Roll the die.

After we leave the lizard, I'm not responsible for where we end up. It will be within walking distance. Skipping distance really. I like to skip. It will MOST LIKELY be Corky's. Or Richland Cafe. Or both. This is who we'll be hanging out with at either:

And if you're really good, we'll end the night with some of these bad boys, compliments of Greek Village... and the unspent singles in your pockets.

Long story short, it will all be within a 3 mile radius of the place mapped below. If you wanna join in at any time in the game, you can buy in. You will have no trouble finding me. Just text me. Please come.