Best Home Theater Seating Reviews 2016 - 2017

When we designed our home theater we went to all the trouble of selecting the right screen, right system and right audio and speaker set up etc. and then we went looking for reasonably priced seating for our little home theater project.

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To say I was shocked at the prices of some of the seating on offer is an understatement!

So I quickly took to the high street and internet and searched many, many stores for seating to match our needs and budget.

After several nights shifting through all on offer I came up with a small, but affordable range all with real world user reviews.

I managed to get a really nice set-up for under my initial budget which we are delighted with.

They look great, are very comfortable and fit nicely in our space.

Several friends and neighbors asked where we got them so I decided to share them on the web so anyone who was in the same position as us can, hopefully, save some time and money by shopping where we did.

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Hope this helps