Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos aires  is the city I visited while I was born. It is very beutifull. But I just don't remember that much about buenos aires because I was a baby. I had to live there for about 3 years because my sister had leucemia and she got to get healthy. But that is the past what happens today is that she is very good.

This is the typical food in Argentina. It is very delicious. You can imagine. Argentina is very touristic and well known because of their meat. This is the famouse track planet you better eat it.


This is one of the most beutifull and elegant hotels in Argentina. They are very beutifull and the service is very well. You wont regret coming to this luxury hotels. It might be ma little expensive but it is worth staying there. argentina may be one of the biggest places in south america. It is very touristic and beutifull.


The rainfalls in argentina is one of the most touristic place in argentina.It is very beutifull for taking pictures or to make some new friends. They may teach you the argentina language.  Also you may be in the telefericos. You can see all the city when you fly in them.

This is the climate of argentina. It may be kind of tropical and arid from the mountains. But sometimes it has a very hot climate. It may also be sometimes to cold or just maybe kind of wet. But you will enjoy alot the climate as well as argentina. It is also its temperture up to 27 F. It's precipitation is 8%. It's humidity is 58% and its winds are 2 km/h.

Now lets skip ahead to restaurants. Latina. It is very beautiful you may want to taste the delicious meat they have. And the sodas they have is out of this world. You may want to go there because Latina is the place where great food is the taste!


This is the newspaper of argentina. It is named the buenos aires herald and the sun. They have all kinds of news that are really intersting and sometimes very but very shocking. all kinds of things may happen in Argentina so the newspaper is here to tell you the shocking news or maybe the main gossip.

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