Phoebe Sheahan
7th Period
The First Ever Draft Pick
2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Mr. Smith's English 12 Essay Project

Rhetorical Analysis Essay
By Phoebe Sheahan

Almost everyday after school I come home and eat a half of avocado. I have always thought that avocados are an amazing food and the 2015 Super Bowl commercial by Avocados Grown in Mexico Association shows why and how. The commercial makes the avocado look like a God given fruit/vegetable that we should all eat and enjoy together as friends and know that God has given this to Mexico as a gift to us all for year round happiness.

This commercial starts out with a man who resembles God standing under a sign saying “The First Ever Draft Pick”. He starts by calling out the names of different countries and what they have chosen to have in their country. He begins with, Australia who choses kangaroos, Brazil choses the sloth, the United States selected wheat, Madagascar chose the lemur, China chose Ginkgo Biloba, Batswana selected the zebra, and the dodo bird is traded between two countries. The video pans to three sports announcers after each selection, two are dressed in suits and do most of the talking, while the other is a caveman. Then the God like figure reveals who Mexico has chosen. At first it shows a polar bear wearing a sombrero and hoping he will be called, but Mexico selects the avocado in the end. It then pans to a group of announcers analyzing the choice of the avocado as if they are talking about a team choosing a new player. When the avocado is chosen, a bowl of guacamole and chips is shared amongst the announcers as they discuss their love of the avocado. Throughout the commercial they speak of the avocado for a longer period of time than any of the other selected representations.

The audience of this commercial is anyone who enjoy a healthy lifestyle, and people like me who really enjoys an avocado. This also appeals to a person that likes football because of the overall theme of a football draft pick. Using sports and sports announcers make it so the avocado is more relevant to a person that isn't into avocados but is into sports. The sports announcers are using the avocado as guacamole and this appeals to most everyone, if they used it in a salad or anything else the avocado would not be as relevant to everyone out there. The fact that the guacamole is in a serving dish with chips makes people at home eating the same thing relate to the commercial. Guacamole is a food that most people watching the Super Bowl would likely be eating, most would not be eating a sliced avocado or anything else. This commercial connects with everyone watching the Super Bowl.

Not all commercials have to be sad or have an emotional aspect. This commercial mostly focused on connecting with us with humor. The emotion used is when the polar bear is hoping to be called to be in Mexico when he is not picked. The polar bear looks very happy and ready to party in Mexico when the camera pans to him, but when he is not chosen you feel bad for him and almost wish he had been chosen. The fact that Mexico picks the avocado over the polar bear is funny since everyone loves polar bears and we get the irony of the polar bears in mexico hot climate. The avocado must be very special to be chosen over such a cute fun polar bear.

Logic is used when the sports announcers talk about how the avocado and how it is a great all year snack. Making it known that you could buy avocados from Mexico year round. The commercial continuously brings up the fact that avocados are from Mexico, by repeating this it helps the audience remember what kind of avocados are being sold. The sports announcers are wearing suits, which makes them look more professional making it easy for us to believe what they say. The fact that God is doing the draft pick makes us believe that avocados are a God given thing and make us want to buy them more often. This commercial is the only avocado commercial I have ever seen, the fact that this avocado commercial was able to pay to be on television during the super bowl, makes people believe that avocados can be trusted and are something that may be more important then we thought.

The credible source in this commercial is the person doing the draft pick which is a God like person. Knowing that god has made this pick to give the avocado to Mexico makes us think that this is the right choice and that we are blessed that they didn't chose the polar bear because then we wouldn't be able to eat avocados year round. The use of the announcers sitting around a table talking about the choices also makes us believe that all of the choices make sense and that the draft pick is a serious thing. These announcers are well respected and wear a suit making us want to believe that what they are talking about is important and we trust them when they say the avocado is a great food. The fact that they are eating guacamole makes us want to be like them and to eat the same food as them.

Personally eating an avocado would be a part of my daily life whether or not I saw it in a commercial, just because it is an amazing food in itself. Now knowing the majority of avocados came from Mexico is a fact I am pleased to have learned. In the beginning I used to think all avocados were from southern California, so this commercial was a real eye opener for me. This commercial surprised me in some ways because I assumed that it was an add for “Tostitos Chips” or some other company but when it was just for the avocado itself it made me curious about how many different brands of avocados there are and why the ones from Mexico are the most important.

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