Climate Change:Taking place right before our eyes

The Earths climate is drastically changing; and its unfortunately our fault.

Climate change is a result of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, that have rised to new records.  

  "Officially, said the WNO (World Meteorological Organization), The first ten months of 2012 were the ninth-warmest since records began in the mid-19 century." 2012 also broke the record for carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. The most dramatic event due to this change was hurricane Sandy, which swept throught the Caribbean and up the east coast of the united states. It left hundreds dead and thousands without shelter or power.

  Heatwaves, floods, hurricanes and droughts have all battered weak countries. "The danger signs are all around. One third of the worlds population lives in countries with moderate to high water stress and land degradation affects 1.5 billion people." says UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon. "Theycan always claim every bad weather event as evidence of their correctness.There is no way anyone can falsify the global warming claims now because anyweather event that happens 'proves' their case, despite the fact that thecurrent weather is neither historically unprecedented, nor unusual." He added.

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