Car Pooling

Car pooling's positive effect on the environment

By: Niki Labossiere

The Problem: More gas is being used, and there is more air pollution when car pooling is not being utilized.

Ideal results: Car pooling will decrease air pollution, reduce traffic, and lessen gas usage.

Statistics: -8,320 pounds of CO2 is used per vehicle on the road per year(pollution)

-253 million cars on the road each year(traffic)

-$2,000 is the average amount spent on gas money year(gas usage)

Situation: A trip to the beach is an opportunity to car pool. Why take multiple cars when you and whoever else is going can ride in the same car. If 4 people share a car to get to the beach and pay the driver to chip in for gas, its beneficial to the environment verses driving separately.

Knowing it works: Car pooling will have an effect when more and more people start doing it. So taking turns with your friends to be the car pool and starting as soon as you can will end these problems sooner.

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