The big sky state

This website is so you can learn about vacationing to Montana!

This website tells you about historical landmarks , physical features , popular attractions and amazing FOOD!!!!

this is a map

  • The capital is 2069 miles from Atlanta
  • The  drive by car is 30 hours or a day and a little bit
  • The average temperature in April is 58-32 Farenhight
  • you should wear a sweatshirt and sweatpants in the day and a jacket and sweatpants

Historical Landmark

Roosevelt Arch

  • located in Gardener Montana
  • North entrance to Yellowstone National Park that says''for the benefit and enjoyment of the people.''
  • Things to do:
  • read sign that says''for the benefit and enjoyment of the people.''
  • Take family pictures
  • Go into Yellowstone!!!!!

Physical Feature

Granite Peak

  • located in southern Montana
  • Highest point in Montana it takes two days to get to the top!
  • Things to do:
  • hike to summit
  • camp
  • look at scenery
  • find large pieces of granite

Popular attraction

Yellowstone National Park

  • Located in Montana,Wyoming,and Idaho
  • It is the worlds largest collection of geyers!!
  • Things to  do:
  • view geysers
  • see mud pots
  • see fumaroles
  • swim in hot springs
  • see wildlife
  • walk on geyser basins



  • Located in Montana rivers and streams
  • You can go fishing for trout in Montana and eat it fried , grilled or broiled
  • Things to do:
  • EAT!!!!!!


Isaac Kaufman

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3 years ago

Wow this is a great website!!! I learned all about Montana and it reminded me of our amazing family vacation to beautiful Montana. Great job!

3 years ago

This is fantastic! Montana looks so exciting.

3 years ago

This amazing. so much information I didn't know??!!

3 years ago

this was a great website! you did a great job on it and I now want to go to yellowstone

3 years ago

I want to ski there. great job