What is Tackk.com?

Tackk.com is a web creation platform that allows individual users to create and publish custom web pages called "tackks".  It is also a social media community where users can subscribe and share their tackkboards with other users.  Additionally, comments can be enabled to allow students to engage in online discussion of a topic.

Why Tackk.com?

Tackk.com is a free, cloud based site that allows students and teachers to create individual tackks.  Tackk can be used with or without registration (there are benefits to registration, such as custom urls and prolonged tackk access).  It can also be easily shared with other media sites like Edmoto, Facebook and Twitter.  Tackk is also linked with Google (which means teachers and students can simply login with their Google accounts).  

Classroom Applications

  • Create a unit overview with helpful videos, links and important TEKS
  • A reading text could be broken down into parts with embedded videos and links to scaffold a text.
  • Combine audio with video and pictures to create a significant and meaningful vocabulary exercise.
  • Students can use tackk.com to present a topic or project.
  • Students can create a “how-to” presentation about how-to complete a task.
  • Students can create a visual word wall or dictionary.

Benefits of Tackk

  • Tackk is easy to use. Tackk provides several templates or you can create a blank tackk that is fully customizable.
  • Tackk can be easily embedded or linked to your existing websites (Edmoto, Weebly, Wordpress, etc).
  • Tackk’s drag and drop features make it quick and easy for students and teachers to create presentations.
  • It is aesthetically appealing.
  • A combination of pictures and words makes Tackk ideal for the integration of technology with ELLs.
  • Tackk.com is completely free!
  • And so much more…

Check out this tutorial for more information...