Chelseabug, You're
Almost Here!

Sending you love in your last few days in California. The beauty of fall is awaiting your arrival -- and so are we!

A few things we'll do when you get here:

  • Hug you!
  • Hand you the keys to the Matrix
  • Help you shop for your new winter wardrobe
  • Go to grandma's to make potica
  • Eat your mom's rice and your dad's chicken soup
  • Find you an amazing apartment!
  • Go for walks through Lakewood park...or through the Metroparks...or Hinckley Lake...or any of the other stunning routes around here
  • Sit outside on E. 4th on a crisp fall night for a hot mulled apple cider cocktail
  • Have cozy low-key nights when it's cold and snowy outside
  • Get ready for the best Thanksgiving ever followed by the best Christmas ever!

Take good care of yourself in these next few days. Ride the mix of emotions. Remember that you are loved. A world of possibility awaits. You have achieved so much in San Francisco...Ohio doesn't even know that a force of nature is on its way!

Get here safe. We love you Chelsea Nicole!

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