Things You Would Like To Know About Satin Fabric

Whether you like to create things or simply want to make informative purchase from an online fabric store, knowing about the different options makes sense. One of the most luxurious choices available to the buyers is satin. It is something you relate with class and sophistication. This tough, glossy, thick fabric is popular with brides and prom girls. Most people purchase them as top of the line or high-end bedding, the apparel for special occasions. Manufactured from beautiful silk using special satin weave, it is surely an extravagant fabric, to say the least. These are made using filament yarns having low twist. The difference with silk lies in higher count of the thread, so it is stiffer, fuller, and heavier compared to silk.

Cotton, wool, acetate, silk, and polyester are the most common satin weave fabrics. Satin based upon acetate and polyester finds common application in everyday use, lower end materials. However, when it comes to design of high-end apparel, designers naturally go for the silk-based varieties. Different available types include the following:

  • A. Antique: another name for it is shantung silk and it contains plainly woven fabric containing varying thickness yarns. As a result, you get a textured feel. Fabric will appear to be glossy on one of its sides with the other remaining dull. Acetate and rayon weaves are common these days with this kind of fabric. These will get iridescent appearance due to the presence of different color shades right from the production stage. So when it comes to design of suits and dresses it is highly popular option indeed.
  • B. Crepeback: these are two-faced reversible fabrics with one side crêpe and other silk. Since it contains tightly twisted woven yarn, it offers a beautiful crêpe effect. Appearance can be either dull or shiny, so consider this when you order them from thefabric store. One advantage of this kind of material is that you will be able to use both of its sides without problems. Besides designing clothes, you can also use them for making tablecloths, curtains, or blankets.
  • C. Duchess: this variety of satin is luxurious, medium weight fabric popularly used in designing lovely wedding dresses. Made through double weaving it contains high count of thread having sophisticated surface sheen on materials. In spite of its smooth feel, it contains loads of structure and for this reason it is so great for designing dresses. Most high-end versions make use of silk, but it is possible to use synthetic with equal aplomb without compromising on the quality and looks, while keeping the associated costs down.
  • D. Silk: these are the most beloved satin fabric material for special occasions and it is made with silky thread, very shimmery and extremely lightweight. Designers can dye them in as many brilliant colors as they want, creating visual and stylish extravaganzas for those memorable occasions. Your skin is able to breathe when you wear garments made with this fabric so they are extremely popular materials for sleepwear and lingerie.

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