TEAM 21 - Sandalwood Heights S.S.

"It is impossible to carry out the tasks of leadership unless one has a clear sense of where the entire enterprise is headed"

- John Gardner





THE RESULT (draft)


A Sandalwood Heights school community of inspired and responsible digital citizens, where all stakeholders engage collaboratively in 21st century learning.


Our team exists to:

- Foster a culture of experimentation and learning within the school around technology and pedagogy

- Provide ongoing support for technology integration

- Model and share best practices for teachers

- Support the acquisition, distribution, and maintenance of technology


Technological confidence - We are committed to building upon and sharing our experiences with 21st C learning tools with Sandalwood staff.

Learning stance - We adopt a learning stance to new ideas and technologies, and a curiosity for what is possible. In addition to building teacher efficacy, we are also interested in fostering a commitment to learning and adapting to technological changes.

Supportive - We are committed to support all staff members in incorporating more 21st C learning strategies into their classrooms. We are not judgmental of teachers who are at different stages in their learning, and work hard to make learning about 21st Century pedagogy an inclusive and welcoming experience.

Adaptability - All members recognize that as part of a life-long learning process we need to continue to change and grow. We are committed to continuing to increase our knowledgebase of 21st C learning strategies.

Committed - Members of Team 21 are committed to participate in and contribute to committee activities.

Sustainability - Any plan put forward by Team 21 must have a future outlook towards long-term environmental and economic sustainability.