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Shopping and Consumerism

My Shopping List

My mother said, “Go buy some bread,”
but this is what I got instead.

A half a dozen Nestle’s Crunch.
A gallon of Hawaiian Punch.
Some Cracker Jacks. A box of Dots.
Some Pop Rocks and a jar of Zotz.
Reese’s Pieces. Tootsie Pops.
Hershey Kisses. Lemon drops.
Candy Corn, Milk Duds, and Whoppers.
Skittles, Snickers, and Gobstoppers.
When mother needs things from the store
She never sends me anymore.

That Explains It!

I went to the doctor. He x-rayed my head.
He stared for a moment and here’s what he said.
“It looks like you’ve got a banana in there,
an apple, an orange, a peach, and a pear.
I also see something that looks like a shoe,
a plate of spaghetti, some fake doggy doo,
an airplane, an arrow, a barrel, a chair,
a salmon, a camera, some old underwear,
a penny, a pickle, a pencil, a pen,
a hairy canary, a hammer, a hen,
a whistle, a thistle, a missile, a duck,
an icicle, bicycle, tricycle, truck.
with all of the junk that you have in your head
it’s kind of amazing you got out of bed.
The good news, at least, is you shouldn’t feel pain.
From what I can see here you don’t have a brain.”

Task 1: Your turn to get poetic ...

Task 2: What do we mean by globalisation?

Time to dig deeper: some questions for us to explore in this topic ....

  • What are the positive and negative impacts of shopping and consumerism in society?
  • Are things like technology, concepts of 'Mcdonaldisation' and the 'Beckham Brand' leading to the disappearance of traditional trades and artefacts?
  • Are shopping malls the root of all evil?
  • Are we being pressurised to consume more and more by our peers, by advertising, by the media
  • What are the benefits and risks associated with online shopping?
  • Do you have too much stuff?
  • Are you a shopaholic or do you know someone who is?
  • What are your thoughts on sweat shops and Fair Trade?
  • What does ethical shopping mean to you?
  • Choose a country you have visited and describe the experience - shopping, night out, tourist attractions, cultural traditions, similarities and differences encountered.
  • Write an article for a newspaper persuading people to buy fair trade products.
  • What do you think is the future of shopping, what could be the advantages and disadvantages for the future generation?