Perks of Being a Wallflower
By: Stephen Chboskey

Charlie is going to be a freshman in highschool. He suffers from a mental illness causing him to stress and have some depression. He is going into highschool alone with no friends after his bestfrirend commited suicide. He describes his different expierences like having his first kiss, having a girlfriend, going to parties, and trying new things though a series of letters to an anonomyous stranger. As the story unfolds it will reveal Charlie is a very intelligent boy but shy and unpopular. The theme of this book to me is that we can deal with anything life puts infront of us but sometimes we have to understand our past and learn from our mistakes. I strongly reccommend this book to all teens in highschool, or going to highschool because it relates to the teenage world we live in now and covers almost everything we will or have gone through.

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