Applications that can be used in the classroom to inspire learning and fun


An app that allows the user to create their own cartoons. Movement is created by dragging the characters on screen. Your voice is recorded and played over the video. Characters can be hand drawn or chosen from preset models. Backgrounds can be from uploaded images.

It is great for students as it allows another medium for storytelling. For those that are weaker with writing, Toonastic provides a way to bypass a learning barrier and adhere to a student's strength. It can also educate children on multimedia use, through the practicing of recording and editing footage.

Journal Jar

This app provides a writing prompt with the shake of a phone. Prompts include "what is your favourite Disney character and why?" and also "If you had one superpower, what would it be?"

This would be a good tool for students to practice their writing with, as it is fun and quick. Each student would be given up to 15 minutes to write their prompt and they would share their writing after to the class, thus also allowing them to work on their presentation skills. Each student would have a different prompt making sharing time quite interesting.


An application that allows the user to download podcasts and record your own.

AudioBoom would allow for an alternative method to present a research project. Instead of doing a poster, students could present their findings through a podcast/voice recording. There are also many educational podcasts the students could download such as The Economist and the Guardian.

Bubble and Pebble Story

A digital story featuring two characters Bubble and Pebble. The stories include colourful images, an audio recording, and words to read along with.

This app would be beneficial for younger elementary students, as it would help them with their reading and listening skills. The story is interactive making it more engaging than a normal book.


This app is exactly what the name indicates; it includes everything you need to make a story: the ability to write text, add images, draw pictures, and include sound effects. It also includes 4 classic stories such as Goldilocks and Three Bears and allows you to change the story however you like.

Students could use the tool to practice writing and storytelling. For those that struggle with drawing, taking pictures or importing images is a good way for them to still be able to express their ideas.

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