the rise of Hitler

Hitler happened because he felt like Jews were the reasons why they lost war world 1. There were up to 50 million people who died in it. Jews that were not lucky and went to concentration camps that he built. Hitler was a person that didn't care how much he was hurting the Jews and took advantage of the U.S and made then put up concentration camps for Jews here. Hitler started to become more and more powerful and so then more and more people started listening to him. After years of killing people he knew he was about to lose so he took him and his wife and killed her and himself

Hitler volunteered with some other guys at the age of 25 and enlisting into the Bauarian Regiment. After his first engagement 2500 of 3000 men in Hitlers regiment were killed and he escaped without a scratch. That's when everything started. Soon after that Hitler became more powerful. The Jews were blamed by Hitler saying the Jews were planing to attack Germany. The Hitler started killing all the Jews.

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3 years ago

great supporting pictures; needs text-based resources; great summary 45/50