By: Josh Andrassy


In stem I chose to drone flying for my project. I chose drone flying because it looked interesting and maybe see what cool things i could do with the drone. I want to learn more about the track, how to fly it and to learn more about the gps in the drone. I may want to make this my career because it very fascinating and I think I'm going to enjoy flying the drone.  #dronefl


 How does it work? The Parrot AR.Drone is a radio controlled flying quad-copter helicopter. The drone is designed to be controlled by mobile or tablet operating. How do you control the drone? First press the take off button on the bottom of the tablet. To control the drone most easily you can put the drone in whats called absolute control and the move around you just tilt the table or smartphone one way and the drone will move that way. I learn this information by watching a simple video on Youtube and now I know how to fly and control the drone. How does the GPS in the drone work? Well you have to hook the little orange GPS into the drone the on your tablet you can press any spot on the map and the drone will fly to that spot. Today I figured how to control the drone and a little more about how it works. #droneflying #researchproject2015


I flew the drone around my school.  I learned how to connect my  the drone to my smartphone and after I went outside and got to fly the drone in a big area. I got to see how high it goes and the speed it travels at too.  I also found out how to plug in the batter and saw it work.   I also discovered that if you turn the drone to fast  when it has low batter  then the drone will stop and just fall.    I also think the drone uses WIFI  because it just needs to connect with each other to work.  Further research on that....     #firstflight


Ill be looking a little bit more of how the drone works. Read a paragraph today I found out How does the sensing work on the drone connects to the devise? I found out that by watching a video is that the drone connect to the devise by using WiFi and with a single tilt of the devise the drone will move with it.   I also learned how the motor work and and how it make the  rotor work by read a section about the drone.  


Listen to paragraphMr. Ternent wasn't here at school so I couldn't fly the drone today.  But instead I'm going to do some research and watch videos on why the drone and my device hook up on there own WIFI network.  One new thing that I learned is that the cover or the top of it stays on by the use of a magnet and also I learned that when the drone gets wet everything stops, even the connection.


I'm figuring out that the drone is very hard to drive in a tight area and there was a lot of vents which made it even harder to drive.  Also when I was driving it the recording did show up on my Iphone I think i may not have enough storage but  maybe I did something wrong.   The hardest thing I done so far has been flying the drone in a tight place.  


I'm trying to figure out how is what is an accelerometer and what is a gyroscope and are they placed in my phone or in the drone?  A gyroscope is a device consisting of a wheel or disk mounted so that it can spin rapidly about an axis that is itself free to alter in direction and it is located in my Iphone .  An accelerometer is in the drone and it is instrument for measuring acceleration, typically that of an automobile, ship, aircraft, or spacecraft, or that involved in the vibration of a machine.  My next question is how do they fit in my drone and phone?  Before I did this research I got to fly the drone outside here's a picture of the flight.  #specialterms


I have many new questions about flying the drone.  One is that I want to know how to control the ar. drone by using the gps and I want to know how the drone and the devise connect with each other. The last thing I want to know is that I want to learn how to do trick with the drone.  Today I learned how to do flips and stuff and to make the sharpest turn possible.


Today I'm explaining the technical parts of my project like how the drone work and finding out how to use the gps chip and more.  The gps chip works by going to the  app then clicking on any point on the map and the drone will move to that location.  When in this mode the drone uses satellites and connecting to the drone and my devise.   


I'm still trying to solve all my question but, yesterday the drone crashed so today I'm trying to figure out how to fix the drone and what  modification I can make so that this doesn't happen again.   On the drone the upper central cross has been broken off .   Well first I found two modifications the first is putting zip ties on the central cross so the it spread out the force of landing the drone to all of the central crosses.   The next is putting these rings on the central cross so it give it a little more stability when landing.  How to fix the drone???   Well the cost for a new central cross is 33.24.  http://www.amazon.com/Parrot-Drone-2-0-Central-cross/dp/B007HZLOMO    To repair the drone you have to.... first take off the bottom of the drone to get inside of it. once inside of it you have to remove the circuit board to get to the central cross to do this you have to remove 2 of cables and unscrew some screws to finally get the circuit board out.  Then we can get to the central cross to fix it.  The only bad things is the that the base or the foam is a little bit torn up so that might be a problem.    #dronedown  #needfixing


Today was my field trip, so on the bus I watched videos on how to repair the drone and videos on how to put on zip ties and how to put the ring to modify the drone. Also you can put on more then one zip tie so it puts less pressure on the drone itself.


Today I'm looking inside of the drone and trying to figure out how to get to the central cross and how to take it out?  First to remove the central cross you have to remove the c-clip on each propeller then remove that propeller. Next once you have done that you are able to remove the gear and shaft on each wing.  After you have done with that you have to remove the pinion gear and the three screws from each wing.  Then you unplug cross from the motor board and some more screws, to finally remove the motor from each wing.  After You have done this with each wing you ave to get inside of the drone an remove the circuit board. For that you have to remove two plugs and 3 screws.  Then you will be able to remove the circuit board and the navigation board on the other side of it and with the navigation board you can take out the sensors just pry them out carefully.  For the circuit board you have to take out the camera ribbons, then remove it.  On the bottom of the circuit board there a ton of cables connected to a plug son take that out to finally get to the central cross to remove it.


Today with the drone still down I'm looking some different things like lily camera and more.  The first thing I'm looking into is Cy Phy, which is a drone company that makes drones with 6 propellers instead of 4 because of it having 6 rotor it can fly straight and not be tilted.  The next thing I'm looking at is lily camera, it's a drone that when you have  the tracking devise the drone will follow you and get you on camera which I think is a great idea. Instead of having to control the drone to get video it will do it for you.  The next thing I'm looking at is kickstarter.com, sadly it is blocked at my schools so I will look at it this weekend.  So I look into some other thing like a controller called 60beat gamepad  to connect will your phone to control the drone.  


Over the weekend Mr. Terenet fix the drone. But he told me that when he started to fly the drone and on the devise it said "too much angle emergency."  But we found out that there's a small sharp pointer on the center cross plastic frame that should be pointing forward towards the front camera. If it isn't then to much angle emergency will pop up and to won't be able to fly it. Then the next problem appeared which was that we need to make sure that each propeller has to spin a certain way and that the props have a letter marking underneath near the center shaft. So we had to make sure that was right was right in order  to fly it again. The upper right propeller should go counter clockwise which is the same as the bottom left propeller.  Then the upper left on and lower right on should be going clockwise Next I went on a site called kickstarter.com which has many new and crazy idea. And people give money to these ideas so that they can be made into a real thing.  There's one idea that is an app for the drone that's called ''Ares''  which is for controlling the drone. You just draw a line on the map in the app and the drone will fly to that location.  


What modifications can we make to the drone and why?  That's what I'll be looking into for today.  One modification is a GoPro Mount on AR Drone so that you can get a better picture when taking a video and pictures.  This next modification allows you to control your Parrot AR.Drone with an RC transmitter, rather than your iOS or Android device. The  makers of the mod, claim this increases control and gives a much greater range of flight.  Another modification is an upgrade in the battery power for longer flights.  Why people do these thing is to make sure that they get the most out of there experience and so that it doesn't brake.    After I look into all these things I putt zip tie on the drone, but something was wrong.  So what I did is I leveled the drone and made sure that went landing all the zip ties would absorb the impact of the fall.


Today I'm putting on zip ties and tightening them so that there even and we can get back to flying.  First I leveled the drone with an app on my phone.  Then I made sure that each zip-tie was touching the desk I was working at.  Next I put on piece of tape where every zip-tie was going into the drone on the central cross.  After I put on littler zip-ties by where I put the tape just for a little more support. then I pulled them as tight as I could with pliers.  Once there were tight enough I cut them with a par of hefty duty scissors. Hopeful  I'll be back to flying tomorrow.        


Today I fix on of the zip tie on one of the wings and took off the white tape and put on a more stylish blue tape.  I  also went outside and flew the drone around using the gps in the drone.  The first thing I learned was that when you turn up the speed the nose start to tilt more which caused me to crash.  Also when I fixed that one zip tie it help it to be even on each side. The way that the zip tie was place help it land when I crashed it and because the angle of the zip tie is placed it doesn't put a lot of stress on the central cross.


Today is one of our lasts days of school so I'm doing like a obstacle course in our school.  The course was pretty hard it was difficult to fly the drone when it was facing me.  I only crashed 2 times. The course was some metal chair I had to go through and a latter at the end. That part was easy but going back was the hard part because all the controls are backward.  When  you tilt your phone backwards the drone goes forward and left is right. That's was the hardest thing.


This is the last day of our project I have learned a lot about the drone and how it work, I've seen inside of it and know how to fly the drone.  At the begin of this project I didn't think I would be able to fly the drone without crashing it but I learned so much about drone  I would like to buy a drone for myself this summer and continue to learn and fly the my own drone. Some things I learn doing this project are the mechanics of the drone, inside of it how the propellers spin , how to do tricks with the drone and much much more.  I don't wish I would have picked another project because it was very fun flying the drone and I learned a lot everything from the mechanics to different types of drones. I would like to make this out of a job, as I said up top that I would like to buy a drone this summer. I would like to make different drone and add modification to them and test them to see which is the best.  Also I might continue to do Tackk and to continue blogging everything I do over the summer.  After all this I went in the auditorium and set up my own obstacle course, almost as a final test.  The course was a few chairs and a latter.  I completed the flight pretty well  I went out in the auditorium off the stage and only had one crash.  Here's the video of my last flight with the AR Drone 2.0. Overall to be completely true I didn't thing Stem was going to be this fun but I so excited for this summer and next year in Stem.

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Good Job Josh!! Very interesting! Keep up the hard work...just re-read your work and check for your mistakes, especially the grammar! Everything else sounds Great!😉

2 years ago

I'm very jealous that you get to fly the drone! Great job it looks like you are learning a lot!

2 years ago

great job josh

2 years ago

Hi, Josh! Your planning and thoughts are very thorough. Great photos! Can you teach me how to fly a drone?