Lauren  Lamm

Photography Portfolio

Pointe at the Park

I took this self-portrait at my local park. I like this photo because it combines the elegance and poise of pointe dance with the childlike fun of the park. It also includes very vibrant colors.


This photo is one of my favorites because it shows different personalities through two pairs of shoes. I also like how the depth of field was used in this picture.


I used a close up photo of these two dandelions because I wanted to show the texture of them while still including the beautiful lake in the background.

Brown Berries

I found a unique tree near my neighborhood lake that had the most interesting blossoms on it. I decided to take a close up picture of the shape and texture while using the rule of thirds.

Bird in the Branches

I followed this tiny bird around for a while before it finally rested on a branch. Once I took this picture, I noticed it had interesting specks of yellow in its feathers. I really like the splash of color it added to the photo.

A Tale of Two Texas Cities

I took this picture while on vacation with my family. We were walking the Houston Street in the heart of Dallas, which I found very funny. Just past the street sign, through the trees I could see the Reunion Tower - a Dallas landmark. I took this picture to incorporate the two major Texas cities into one picture.

Sixth Floor

I took this picture while visiting the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealy Plaza - where President John F. Kennedy was shot. I like this photo because it shows an American landmark from an interesting viewpoint.

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